Fab Friday

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My Fab Things This Week!

1. With James and I both being unwell this week,
we've spend lots of time snuggled on the sofa with 
blankets and quilts whilst it is freezing outside.. 

2. Talking about the weather, for the past few days it hasn't gotten 
above 2 degrees.. Brrr.. But it makes it feel more like Christmas. 

3. Normally our mornings are rushed trying to get to nursery on time. 
Because we've not had to go anywhere this week and we've had time. 
I've been trying to get James 
to get himself dressed in the morning. 
He now calls himself a "big boy"

4. He also has a new way of eating hula hoops. 

He calls them his "Cheesy Fingers"

5. We have a family gathering on Sunday 
so my cousin can meet the rest of the family :)

6. This boy turns 4 in February... 4!!!! 
That's madness.. 
I am starting to think about his birthday celebrations.. 

Hope you've all had a Fab Week! 


  1. How cute are those pictures! Glad I found you through the link up at Laura's blog!
    Newest follower!
    Jess @ jmnway.blogspot.com

    1. Hi! Thanks for following! Looking forward to getting to know you :) x

  2. I like trying to see if I can fit macaroni noodles on all the tongs of my fork for basically the same reason as cheese fingers.

  3. Can't believe he's going to be 4...such a big boy!

  4. Hope you two feel better soon. Hope y'all have a great weekend.


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