Fab Friday.

It's time for one of my favorite link-up's of the week.. Fab Friday! I always look forward to this. If you want to celebrate the good things then go and link up with Laura. 
This weeks joys! 
1. Decorating for Christmas! 
Christmas Trees always make me happy :)

2. Making plans for Christmas Day and starting to organise for it. 
I admit that I am a big kid when it comes to this holiday! 

3. Seeing friends.. 
Laughing, drinking tea & making plans for her son due in February! 

4. Letting James have his first sleepover. 
I was worried that he would still be awake at 11pm but by 8.30pm he was passed out. 

5. Getting most of my cleaning done today so I don't 
have as much to do tomorrow! 
Have a great weekend! 


  1. Found your blog through Fab Friday! :) I love decorating for Christmas. I didn't wait until after Thanksgiving though.. lol. http://www.lifebehindthebabygate.com

    1. I am such a big kid when it comes to Christmas! My husband thinks I'm mad! Thanks for stopping by :) xx

  2. Yay for first sleepovers....such a big boy now :)

  3. Pretty awesome things..

    I also love decorating for Christmas and love Christmas tree's. :)


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