Epilepsy Awareness Month - Seizures.

I remember the first time I saw Anthony having a seizure like it was yesterday.

We were both fast asleep in bed and he had his arms wrapped around me. It was around 2am when I started to wake up. I was still in that half asleep state where you're not sure where you are and I felt Anthony's grip tighten on me but being kind of out of it I didn't think too much of it. Then I noticed that his breathing was kind of off. It was louder and a lot quicker than it should have been. My first reaction was to nudge him, thinking that he was having a bad dream. Within seconds though it hit me, what was happening. I have never shot out of bed so quickly. I ran to turn the light on and sure enough my fears were correct. I was witnessing Anthony having a seizure. My first thought was to panic but I knew that I needed to remain calm for his sake. I tried to remember what his doctor had told me to do when he had one. I had to time it. If it went on for longer than 4 minutes then I had to call an ambulance. I remember sitting with him, even though he couldn't hear me I talked to him, telling him over and over again that it would be alright and that I was there with him. Thankfully because he was on the bed he wasn't at risk of hurting himself so I didn't have to try and move him. The seizure lasted about two minutes but it felt like hours. He stopped convulsing but was still unconscious so I kept talking to him. Eventually he started moaning and opened his eyes. I'll never forget the look on his face. He was so dazed and confused, he looked like he was five years old. It broke my heart. I explained to him where he was and what had happened but I don't think at that point he took it in. I went down stairs to get him a glass of water and whilst I was there I phoned my Mum and told her what had happened and asked her to come round. I'll never forget that conversation either. She told me that she couldn't come.. At the time I was so scared and then when my Mum couldn't come I was kind of angry! The next morning though when my Mum phoned me she said..

"Liane, you needed to do this on your own. I can't be there every time Anthony has a seizure and you needed to realise that you can cope with it on your own." 

That was a lesson that I am so glad that my Mum made me learn. I realised that although it was awful to witness and scared me like you wouldn't believe, I knew that I would be able to cope with it in the future.

I've put together some tips for anyone aiding someone that is having a Tonic Clonic Seizure.

My Top Tips

1 - If they are near anything that could cause injury, such as a cooker, 
then move them so they are safe. If there is no risk then do not move them until the seizure is over. 

2. Loosen any tight clothing such as ties around the neck. 
Try to make them as comfortable as possible

3. If they are on the floor then cushion their head to try and 
avoid injury. 

3. Do not try and put anything in their mouth, not even your fingers! 

4. Time the seizure. You may need this information if you need to call 
the emergency services. 

5. After the seizure has stopped then turn them onto their side
into the recovery position, this will help if they vomit. 

6. Talk to them, try to keep them calm. Also try to stay as calm as possible yourself. 
It is scary watching someone have a seizure but if you panic then the chances are you are going to make 
them panic too. 

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