Epilepsy Awareness Month - Celebrities

We all know how celebrities can help raise awareness for good causes and charities, it's one way that they can put their fame and status to good use.

Whilst I was planning this post I started thinking about what celebrities suffer with Epilepsy. No names came to me straight away so I searched google and loads of names came up from historic celebrities, Picasso, Einstein,  Michael Angelo, but for current celebrities there were pretty much only three names.

Danny Glover, Rik Myall and Max Clifford.

Now if you look at the statics, over two million people in America and over half a million in England suffer with this disease. In the celebrity driven world that we live in today, I believe that there must be more suffers but why are they not speaking up? Are they worried about the stigma that would then be attached to them? Are they worried about the implications on their careers?

When a celebrity announces that they have bi-polar disease or depression, it is in the spotlight for ages. It is talked about and awareness is raised. When a celebrity announces that they suffer from MS, again it is in the media. So why are they not talking about Epilepsy?

We need people to come forward. If just one celebrity announced that they were Epileptic think of the awareness that would be raised. Maybe more people would feel better in coming forward. All it takes is one person to stand up and not be afraid.

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