Day Twenty-Seven - Finding Joy In The Everyday.

Today, like most of my days lately, has been busy but for once I haven't been running around from place to place. I've been at home entertaining four children. We've baked cupcakes, decorated them and carved pumpkins. It's made me feel like a kid again :)

Today's Joyful Moments. 

1. Watching the kids de-gut the pumpkins..
So funny! 

2. Spending an hour with my sister,
discussing her new house. 

3. Taking photos of James. 

4. James letting me sleep till 7.30am,
I cannot believe that nowadays that is a lie in for me. 

5. Loosing track of time this afternoon because
I was so involved with the kids. 
I forgot my to-do list and everything on it. 

6. Snuggling up tonight with my laptop typing this, 
whilst watching I Robot on TV. 

Tonight the clocks go back which for a lot of people means an extra hour in bed but for me it just means that James will be awake at 5am instead of 6am.. Oh, the joys of parenting :)

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