Day Three - Finding Joy In The Everyday

Today has been a busy fun filled day. It wasn't meant to be any different from a normal weekday for us today but a few impulse decision turned it around.

My Joyful Moments From Today

1. Picking James up from nursery and his teacher telling me that 
he read a whole book to her and he was a very confident reader. 

2. Spending the afternoon with a friend that moved a while ago
and I haven't spent any proper time with in months. 

3. Watching James have his face painted
for the first time ever. 

(Meet the pirate, the zombie and the one that let the kids paint his face!)

4. The adults joining in on the 

face painting fun. 

5. Cooking dinner with friends and then

eating delicious Mexican Fajitas.  

My not-so-joyful moment was finding out that my Twitter account has been hacked. If you received a message from my account saying that someone on Twitter is writing nasty posts about you, then please ignore it. It wasn't me! I've since changed my password.

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