Day Thirteen - Finding Joy In The Everyday.

I love it when you really want something to happen, resign yourself to the fact that it's never going to and then out of the blue.. It happens. This is what happened to me today and it caused me a whole load of joy :)

My Joyful Moments Today

1. Sparky came home!! 
I received a phone call whilst I was shopping saying
Cats Protection had found him and he was at a house around the 
corner from where I live! He is now safe at home :)

2. Chilly weather

3. Stocking my freezer with meat and my cupboards 
with food

4. Working on our back room which we 
are turning into a pantry 
(photos to come)

5. Realising that not all people are bad. 
There is a lot of good in this world

6. Spending time with my Mum

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  1. I love the whole idea of this! SO HAPPY that Sparky is home - I was worried so I can only imagine how you felt...I freak out if the cats even look outside like they want to go out, lol, can't fathom how I'd feel if they actually did escape! Eek! Love them too much!

  2. I was beside myself! I literally spent hours and hours walking the streets looking for him. He will never leave this house again. He is definitely going to be an indoor cat from now on! xx


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