Day Seventeen - Finding Joy In The Everyday.

I received an email in my inbox this afternoon alerting me to a post that had just been posted by Rachel over at Finding Joy, today she wrote about ways to turn your day around when it's not going well. I loved her ideas and think that his month especially I need to apply them to my own life. For example this morning, I had only been awake for twenty minutes before it all started going wrong. Instead of writing the day off as a failure I decided to focus on the joyful moments and turn my day around.

My Joyful Moments Today. 

1. Despite running around like a headless chicken this morning,
I still managed to get 3 children ready for school and out the door on time. 
Success :)

2. I felt my Sisters Baby move for the first time! 
I made  Aimee lie still for 45 minutes until I felt it.
I cannot wait to meet my niece in March. 

3. We are trying to help James overcome his fear off the vacuum.
Today he decided to try and vacuum the floor himself. 

4. Trying to convince Anthony that I really need an iPad.. 
He doesn't agree! 

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