Day One - Finding Joy In The Everyday.

You would think it would be easy to find the joy in the everyday things that we do.. And it is but several times today I had to stop and remind myself to look for it. I guess that's why I choose this as my 31 day challenge. It should be second nature to see the good things but I've gotten so caught up in our busy world that I had forgotten to look for it. I'm hoping that by the end of October it will become second nature and I won't even have to remind myself to look for it.

So what joyful moments did I find in today?

1. Turning off my laptop and snuggling with this little one to watch Fireman Sam.
2. Talking James for a walk to the shop just to buy him some Chocolate Buttons.. Then him being so grateful for such a little thing. He turned to me on the way home and said.. "You're beautiful Mummy.

3. Watching James have so much fun jumping on the sofa.. Yes once in a while I allow him to use the furniture like a trampoline. Not all the time but that's how we roll :)
4. Having a house full of kids this afternoon and watching them all play together.
5. Watching little hands build a tower out of his leftover sandwiches at lunch time.
It felt good today to intentionally look for the good, rather than the bad.
What joy did you find in today?
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