Day Eighteen - Finding Joy In The Everyday.

Some people are cat people and some people are dog people.. Me? I'm both. Actually, I'm just an animal lover. Except spiders and rats.. Not so keen on them.. Anyway.. This is what brought me the biggest amount of joy today..

Meet the newest member of our family. 

Cheddar :) {Her name will make more sense in a moment!}

Anthony met her on Tuesday. The family that she was living with didn't want her and she spent all of her days locked in a cage in the garden and fed blocks of cheese.. This had led her to being very overweight. Poor thing can hardly make it for a walk around the block before needing to lie down. I hate to see an animal being harmed in any way so we've taken her in. Despite her bad background she is the sweetest, calmest dog I have ever met. I held her lead on the walk to see if I could control her and to check that she wouldn't pull me over... She didn't pull once! Just walked nicely by my side. Rottweilers have such a bad reputation but I've never met a bad Rottie. I think people should judge by the dog and not the breed. 

So the name? She was called Missy but we weren't too keen on that and we figured if she is having a fresh start with us then she could have a fresh name. We sat for hours throwing ideas around but everything I suggested Anthony didn't like a vice versa.  Then we were talking about how she was fed blocks of cheese at a time and that she would be having a strict diet from now on when our friend suggested the name Cheddar.. To be fair, Cheddar Cheese is the best :)

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