Day 11 - Finding Joy In The Everyday.

Since James has started nursery the weeks are flying by. I cannot believe it is Friday again tomorrow. Over the past two days I have been so busy that I haven't had two minutes to myself. In the midst of the busy there have been lots of joyful moments but I haven't had a chance to jot them all down to put here so for today I figured I'd do something different. A list of things that bring me joy in everyday life.

1. My family.
2.Photography, capturing the little moments. 
3. Afternoon naps.
4. Reading - I'd forgotten how much I love it until recently.
5.The smell of candles burning. 
6. Cuddles with James. 
7. A bubble bath. 
8. The first frost. 
9. Spring & Autumn.
10. Baking. 
11. Tea & Toast. 
12. Writing. 
13. Spending time with friends. 
14. Christmas.
15. Lazy Sundays.
16. Animals.
17. Newborn baby smells.
18. Knitting.
19. Warm croissants. 
20. Listening to the rain. 
21. Homemade soup. 
22. Spoiling my husband. 
23. A good joke. 
24. Framed photos all around my home. 
25. A clean house. 
26. Washing fresh out of the dryer. 
27. Gardening. 
28. Watching James' imagination develop. 
29. My sisters. 
30. Blogging. 
31. Coffee. 
32. Halloween.
33. Fireworks.
34. Picnics.
35. Cozy nights. 
37. Chocolate :)

What are some of the things that bring you joy? 

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