31 Day Challenge

How can it be October already?

For this month I am linking up with The Nesting Place for her 31 day challenge. I've spent a lot of time thinking about what topic I want to cover for this challenge. I had a lot of ideas but none that I thought I would actually be able to stick with for the whole month. Some of my ideas were quite complex and in-depth and then as I sat here an idea came to me and I knew it was perfect.

It is so easy to get caught up in the 'busy' of everyday. The to-do lists, the chores, we're always thinking about the next thing that we have to do. 

My intention for the next 31 days is to stop and look around in the midst of the busy and find the joy in the everyday moments. Even on bad days the joy is there. Sometimes we just have to search a little harder to find it. 

Every day I will post about the joy I have found that day in the little moments. Then I will post the link for each day at the end of this post. I think at the end of the 31 days it will be lovely to be able to look back and see how joyful life really is. It's so easy to forget sometimes. 

Will you be joining in with this challenge too? I'd love to hear all about your challenges! 

Good luck! 

Finding Joy In The Everyday Post Links

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