Thursday Motivation.

Today has been productive. It's not often that it gets to the end of the day and I feel like I've accomplished everything that I wanted too but occassionally the planets and stars aline.

Today I've cleaned every room in my house. I done two loads of laundry. I've moved furniture from the landing to my bedroom and from the living room to the landing. I've cleaned the bathroom, swept floors and vaccumed the stairs. I've sorted paperwork and wiped sides.

Whilst James was at Nursery this morning I made breakfast for Anthony and myself. It's not often we get to sit down on our own together to eat. It was nice.. Bacon & Egg sandwiches :)

I brought out my Autumn/Winter Yankee candles.. They make my house feel all cozy and warm.. "Welcome Christmas" and "Cinnamon Stick."

We transfered our tomatoe plants from their original little seed pots to bigger plant pots. They are nearly ready for the Greenhouse.

Our peas and tomatoes that are already outside are doing fantastic! I think I have developed a green thumb. Something I never thought I would say about myself.

On top of that, I've also done four school runs, some shopping and cooked dinner. Oh how I wish all days were as productive as this.

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