Project Organise.

Today my motivation came back in full force. It's been absent for a while now. I've known everything that I've had to do, the lists kept getting longer and longer but my motivation had disappeared.

Then just like that, this morning it poked it's head around the door, I invited it in and thankfully it decided to stay.

It felt good. I completed three loads of laundry, I changed the bedding, I sorted through and sold some of James' old clothes, I cleaned my house, I cooked, de-cluttered & organised.

I admit that I am a hoarder. Not one that warrants a TV shows but I hate throwing anything away, especially if I think it holds sentimental value. I have every single colouring that James has ever done in a box under my bed. Do I really need to keep them all? Probably not..

So today, I started my Project Organise. I started small with selling James' old clothes and some books of mine that I don't really need anymore... I'll work myself up to the big stuff.

I'm hoping that the phrase about having an organised home leading to an organised mind is true.. We shall see. I'll keep you updated :)

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