New Hair.

I've always had curly hair. When I say curly I don't mean a slight wave. I'm on about curls upon curls that if not managed properly with the right product, turn into a wild mess of frizz. Growing up I was teased because of it and ended up hating my hair. I use to dream about having straight hair and just being able to wake up, brush it and leave the house without having to spend hours, washing and taming it.

As I grew up I use to just wash it in the morning and stick it up in a pony tail. I couldn't be bothered anymore! Fast forward to Christmas Eve 2010 and my Sister introduced me to her hair dresser who gave me a fabulous short cut that was easy to straighten and easy to manage.

After that I went mad! I cut it even shorter, I dyed it several times, I had a fringe cut in, I grew the fringe out, I went longer, then shorter again, had a side fringe. I was loving being able to change my look every few months.

A few months ago I started to grow it out again. I decided that long hair was the way to go..

And then.....

I started to get bored. I didn't like that there was no real style to it. So yesterday on a whim I walked into the hairdressers and told them that I wanted to go back to how I had it in May 2011. Chin lenght at the front and going shorter at the back..

An hour later...


Easy to manage and half the time to straighten.. Great for a busy Mummy :)

Although now I have to say goodbye to the pig tales that I love so much..


  1. Love the new cut, it looks good on you! :)

    1. Thank you! Tonight will be the first time I try and straighten and style it on my own. Hopefully I can get it to look as good as the hairdresser did! x


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