Miscellany Monday

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It is nearly lunch time and I have been on the Computer and Telephone since 6.50am this morning. I am trying to apply for James' School place for next year, get my cousin into school for this year and sort about a million other things out. Nothing is working out and everytime I think I'm getting somewhere with one thing I come up against a roadblock..

Therefore I am taking a break and joining Carissa for Miscellany Monday.

............ And now it's three hours later and I'm just coming back to this. If my home phone rings one more time I think I may spontaniously combust.. Either that or sit in a corner rocking..

My Nan had an art show this Saturday so all the family went along to show their support.. It was in the local Church hall and about half way through I managed to slip away and get some photos from inside the Church..

I must say that Church's are hard to photograph! The light is awful.. My Sister made my day though. She is a photographer and she told me that I have talent in the Photography department :) That makes me happy..

I found this little creature scaling our garden shed the other night.. I think he was looking for a place to build a Cocoon..

And, whilst we're on the subjects of animals..

Everyone keeps telling me how big Sparky has gotten.. I personally don't see it. Sure he is bigger than when we first got him but people's reactions are like they are looking at a Tiger! Either way, big or small, I think he's cute..

This little one is meant to start nursery next Friday.. We don't know yet whether he can because of his ankle but the school relented and agreed that he can attend the induction day on Thursday. As long as I stay with him and accept full responsibility for any injures that he may sustain whilst on school premises.. Their words, not mine.

Hope you all have a happy week :)


  1. Those church photos are just gorgeous, and James....freaking adorable.

    1. Thank you! I was so happy with how the Church photos turned out. It was my first time shooting inside of a church. I didn't realise how bad the lighting would be :) x


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