If We Could Sit Down Over Coffee..

If we could sit down over Coffee.. It would be quietier than normal because Blayde is at school but we'd probably be interupted several times because James keeps demanding 110% of my attention. We'd also have to sit in the kitchen because the guys are watching some TV show about Tanks.. Not my kind of thing at all..

I'd tell you that Autumn is well and truly on it's way. This morning when I left the house to do the school run it was 5 degress. I'm excited for the colder weather. I wonder if I will still be saying that in the middle of January?

I'd be excited to tell you that my appointment with my Dietician went really well this morning. She is happy with my food diary for the past two weeks and although I was sad that I haven't gained any weight I am also happy because I haven't lost any. I left there with a list of new things to add to my diet and an appointment to go back in three weeks.

I'd then tell you that I'm trying not to think about the fact that James is starting nursery on Friday. One part of me is excited for him and all the new experiences that he is going to have. Another part of me wants to wrap him up and keep him safe from the big bad world!

I'd tell you that I am addicted to watching Private Practice on Netflix. I was never a fan of Greys Anatomy but a few weeks ago I was searching on Netflix, found Private Practice and now I'm a massive fan. I want to be friends with Violet and Addison and for Cooper to be James' doctor.

I'd then tell you that I am thinking about selling my knitted baby blankets. I'm not too sure how I'd go about it though. I guess I need to look into it more.

I'd then thank you for coming and tell you that next week we won't be interupted at all because I will be kid free... Wow... That sounds weird..

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