If we could sit down over coffee...

If we could sit down over Coffee, I'd tell you..

That I had a whole big post with photos planned but James went and put a Spanner in the works by falling over a toy this afternoon and breaking his ankle..

I'd tell you that he was so brave and didn't moan the whole time we were in the hospital. I am so proud of my little man.

I'd also tell you that even though they gave him crutches he has no idea what to do with them, no matter how many times I try and show him so he is being carried everywhere.. Our toilet is upstairs so this means lots of trips up and down the stairs..

I'd tell you that this morning I had an appointment with my Dietician. We've added new foods to my eating plan which I am half excited about and half terrified about.. Watch this space and we'll see how it goes..

I'd then tell you that since Sunday morning I have been working non-stop in the Garden.. Digging dirt and painting fences. Planting seeds and watering plants. It's fun and I had hoped to carry on all week but now that I have a little man in plaster I don't think that plan will work.

I'd then tell you that I am exhausted and fully expecting a sleepless night with James so I think it's bedtime for me.. Yes it's on;y 7.30pm but I have a valid excuse lol!

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