Happy Birthday Anthony!

Today Anthony turns thirty-one years old.. :)

Now my hubby is not really one for celebrating his own birthday and trying to find a gift for him is one of the hardest things in the world to do. So this Friday, I am taking him shopping so he can choose what he wants.. That way, I know that he will like it and will get something that he can use.

Today we have spent the day all together as a family. We visited my Nan and James met his Great Great Auntie Joan for the first time :)

This evening I cooked his favorite meal and we have a DVD night planned.

Simple. Quiet and Relaxed..

Now a word about the birthday boy. He may not be the most romantic man in the world and I cannot remember the last time he used the washing machine but he is the best husband and father that me and James could ask for. He looks after us, he protects us, he makes us laugh and loves us.
Happy Birthday baby! James and I love you more than anything in the world xx

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