Garden Restoration!

I've mentioned before about our massive back garden. I wish we had taken photos of it when we first moved in. It obviously hadn't been looked after in years.. The whole bottom half was filled with brambles that were taller than me. We cut them down but they all grew back within weeks so last month a team of men and a digger arrived to dig them all out.. We were left with this..

Today the real fun began.. We want to turn this bottom half into a vegetable patch. We can't plant anything in this dirt though so today I have spent hours digging and turning it all over.. I literally haven't stopped all day and I'm not even a quater way through yet. It is going to take me days to complete but I am having so much fun doing it, even if my hands are covered in blisters..

We are lucky that James thinks the best thing in the world is planting seeds, watering them and watching them grow. I have an Apple Tree in my bathroom that he planted a while ago and he thinks it''s awesome that he made that..

Whilst I've been busy digging, Anthony has been working on the patio. He has set up lots of flower pots and planters so we can grow herbs and things that I need for cooking. A little Kitchen Garden right outside my back door.. A few weeks ago James got things rolling by planting me some runner beans and peas.. They outgrew their trays so this afternoon they were the first things to be transfered to the new "Kitchen Garden"..

I've had to take a break to prepare dinner for James but as soon as he is in bed I will be back out there with my spade digging away. My hands are killing me, my back aches and I think I've pulled muscels that I didn't even know that I had but I know it will all be worth it in the end!

I cannot wait until it is all done and we can finally start planting vegetables!

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