Friday Nuggets.

This week has been busy and stressful. It seems that I haven't had two minutes to myself and today it has all caught up with me. I feel sad, emotional, worried, stressed..

The boys have gone out shopping and I've spent the morning resting and trying to sort myself out. It hasn't worked.. I had a doctors appointment this morning to discuss some symptoms that have been plaguing me for about two weeks. I left there wondering why doctors get paid so much money yet they don't seem to be any help. Maybe it was this particular doctor but he basically said.. "I don't know what's wrong with you. I cannot help.."...

I think a second opinion may be needed.

Last night we had a belated birthday cake for Anthony's 31st birthday.

He isn't one for celebrating birthdays. He doesn't even really like birthday cake but he goes along with it for me.

Yesterday James had his induction morning at nursery.
The good news.. He loved it.
The bad news. . It doesn't look like they will let him start until his cast is off, even though I said that I would stay with him to help him get around. He has an appointment at the fracture clinic on Monday morning. After that the school will give me their final decision.
Whilst we're on the subject of James and Nursery. After the induction yesterday I think we may have made a mistake in deciding to try the school system and not to home school him. Since he was just under a year old we had been planning to home school but then certain things and people had us doubting our decision so we decided to try school. I know we can always change our mind back but now I am wishing we had stuck to our original plan.
Tonight this little one will experience his first time at the fair. It comes into town once a year. Always in September. Last year he begged us to go but we thought he was too young and promised him that he could go this year. A few days ago he saw them setting the fair up and my child that never forgets a thing turned to me and said.. "You said we could go to the fair Mummy!"
So off we will go tonight. He will get the special treat of staying up late and witnessing all the sights and smells that come with the fun fair and I get to see it through his eyes.. Photos to come :)
Hope you all have a good weekend!

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