Friday Nuggets.

This week has not gone to plan at all. I guess that's what happens when you think you have the whole week mapped out and you have expectations and you believe that by the time Friday comes everything will be crossed off your to-do list.. Real life gets in the way.

James is coping so well with his broken ankle. He doesn't moan about the fact that he cannot walk and is literally stuck in one place. I'm trying to get him out in the garden as much as possible. He likes to sit on a chair on the patio with a blanket around his legs.. We've also been taking a daily trip to the shop around the corner. Just to get him out and about. He sits in his pushchair with his leg propped up with a blanket.

I am so proud of how well he has dealt with this whole thing. It just goes to show how adaptable children really are.

This morning we had a visit from his two teachers. He is meant to start on the 21st of this month. We are trying to figure out if he can still start with his ankle the way it is. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he can! His teachers are lovely. I think James is going to have a blast at Nursery and I''ve volunteered to help out. I really believe that teachers and parents need to both work together for a child to have the best education.

Throughout all of this I have managed to finish painting the garden fence.. I had planned to get a lot more of the garden done this week but at least this is one more thing off the to-do list..

Before the 2nd coat..
I need to get a photo of the finished product.
I am so enjoying working in the garden. After two years of it being a mess it is so nice to see it all coming together. There is a long way to go and I don't think it will be finished until next Summer but in all honestly, when is a garden ever finished? There is always planting to do, weeds to dig out, trees to water.. I love that it is a on-going project that changes everyday.
On that note I have a grumpy little man that wants to be taken out into the garden! The next few weeks are going to be testing!

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