Friday Nuggets - James' First Day At Nursery.

I started this yesterday but then life got in the way so I'm finishing it this morning

Today's date has been etched into my brain for months. The day James would start Nursery. Just last week we thought that he would have to start late because of his broken ankle and although part of me was sad for him another selfish part of me thought.. "Yay! I get to delay him growing up!" But children's bones heal quickly and for that I am grateful..

This morning he woke up and excitedly climbed into bed with us, he was all excited and started talking about his day. He asked if we were going to stay at school with him.

I told him that we would drop him off and make sure he got settled, we would then leave but we'd be back to collect him at 11.30am.

It was then his excitment turned to nerves..

I tried to make a big deal out of what a big boy he was going to be. How he would have such a fun morning, we talked about his teacher and all the friends he would make.

He kept switching from excitment to nerves and it made me smile because it's not very often James gets nervous and it was weird to see.

The whole way to School he was excited. As soon as we got outside the gates the nerves came back..

As soon as we got into the classroom he ran off and didn't even notice us leave. Part of me wanted to cry but overall I was proud. Proud of my little man and the confidence that he showed.
It was the longest two hours of my life. It seemed to drag and I literally ran back when it was time to collect him. We walked into the classroom and he was sat on the floor with two other children and his teacher. I stood watching him for a few moments and as soon as he noticed me he started to cry. I went over to him and as soon as I got to him he threw his arms around my neck and said... "Mum! You left me," with tears streaming down his face.
"But I came back for you baby!" I replied.
His teacher informed me that he had been fine the whole time he was there. He loved the outdoor play area and that she couldn't have asked for a better first day with him :)
According to James he cannot wait to go back on Monday.

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