30 Reasons I'm Excited About Autumn...

1. Homemade Soup for dinner.
2. Lazy Sunday mornings
3. Days spent in PJ's with quilts.
4. Nights spent knitting,
5. Halloween,
6. Early nights,
7. Wearing layers
8. More rain means the garden waters itself,
9. Hot chocolate,
10. Christmas is coming,
11. Cool evenings,
12. Cozy nights,
13. Needing a scraf just to leave the front door,
14. Making crumbles for desert,
15. Slow weekends,
16. Sunday naps,
17. Jumping in puddles,
18. Sleeping under heavy quilts with the windows open,
19. Stews & Caseroles being my go-to dinners,
20. Bonfire Night,
21. Thunderstorms,
22. Fireworks,
23. The continental market coming to town,
24. Coffee instead of tea in the morning,
25. Hot breakfasts,
26. More time spent at home,
27. Clocks going back.
28. The beautiful colours of this season.
29. Pine cones.
30 Pumpkins

What are you looking forward to this Autumn/Fall?

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