3 Mum Goals For This Week

I was inspired by Rachel at Finding Joy for this post. Three Mum goals that I am setting myself for this week.

Appreciate don't Grumble. 

So James throws a tantrum? So he spills his drink or won't eat what I cook for dinner.. Instead of grumbling about it all I am going to step back, breath and give thanks that I've got a beautiful little boy that can sometimes be a nightmare and drive me up the walls but he is also, happy, healthy, funny, loving and amazing.

Stop Listen & Play

Instead of worrying about all the cleaning I have to do, the clothes I have to wash, the dishes that need doing and the to-do list that is growing by the second I am going to stop when James asks me too. I am going to properly listen to him when he talks instead of asking him to hold on for a second. I am going to look into his eyes and really listen, then I am going to leave my to-do list and play with him. Cars, trains, books.. It doesn't matter.

Extra Cuddles At Bedtime

He is growing older by the day. One day he won't want or need me to put him to bed. He won't want an extra story and just five more minutes of my time. It doesn't matter how stressful the day has been or how tired I am, what is five extra minutes when I am putting him to bed, just to lay down with him and give him those extra cuddles?

It feels good to write these down. What are your goals for this week?

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