Sometimes & Always.

Sometimes I think about trying the whole 'un-plugged' thing for a day.
Always I cannot last more than a few hours before I check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Blogger.
Sometimes I watch the news and feel sad about all the constant tragedies.
Always something will happen which will remind me that there is beauty in the world still.
Sometimes I have every intention to deep clean my house
Always I think it is much for fun to play with James.
Sometimes when I read other ladies blogs I feel inadequate as a Mother, Wife and Woman
Always I turn that feeling around and choose to be inspired by these wonderful ladies..
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  1. I ALWAYS think the same thing, let me unplug for the weekend! AND then I don't! ONE WEEKEND I'm going to try it, but then I can't post about how much fun I'm having on Instagram! :)


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