Miscellany Monday

I always think that the days that are unplanned and spontanious turn into the best days. This morning I had no plans, one friend and five kids in my house.. The weather was hot and muggy but cloudy. The kids were moaning that they were getting bored and mine and Nath's stress levels were slowly rising.

Cue me saying.. "Lets go the park, we'll take a picnic and the kids can run around.."

Now if this trip had been planned for weeks it would have rained, there would have been thunder and lightning, the park would have been closed due to a freak flood, one of the kids would have broken their leg on the way there.. Well, you get the picture...

As it turns out it was one of the best, relaxing, funniest days that I've had in ages.. :)

By the end of it all five kids were worn out and had a lot less energy than when we'd set off 6 hours before.. That is called success..

This is definitely a trip that we will be repeating.. We'll just make sure that we don't plan it in advance!

Happy Monday!

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  1. What a fun day!
    And I totally want to climb on that thing too. :)


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