If We Could Sit Down Over Coffee...

If we could sit down over Coffee..

We'd have to try and find a place to sit around all the kids toys and a 3 year old and 7 year old playing. They'd be cranky from not being able to go out due to the rain. I'd have Coffee with Milk & 2 Sugars and how ever you take yours..

We'd probably be interupted every two minutes but I'd tell you that..

This morning I was really nervous about taking James for his booster jabs. He hates doctors and it's only recently we've been able to take him for check-ups without him screaming the place down. I was worried that all our hard work in persuading him that doctors really are good people would be un-done in about thirty seconds..

I'd then tell you that although there were a few tears it was nothing compared to what I was expecting. He was so brave and I was a very proud Mummy.

I'd tell you that I am so so happy for my Sister and that I am so thankful that she has gotten past the 12 week mark in her pregnancy with no problems. If anyone deserves this baby then she does.

I'd tell you that James has been really testing my patients for the past two days and that this morning I nearly broke down whilst saying to my friend.. "What am I doing wrong?"

I'd tell you that last night when I went into James' bedroom to check on him, I sat and watched him sleep for a few minutes. He looked so peaceful. I then took a photo and put it on Instagram :)

I'd tell you that I really need to set aside time to sit and write. I just have so many other things that need my attention at the moment that my book seems to always fall to the back of the queue. It makes me sad and I know that I need to change that.

I'd tell you that I haven't really seen my husband in two weeks because he is busy helping his Dad. I see him for 15 minutes in the morning and for about an hour at night before he is fast asleep after a hard days work. I'd then tell you that I miss him.

I'd thank you for coming and having coffee with me. I'd tell you that I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to talk to me.. I'd then invite you back next week..

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  1. I'll be thinking about your sister and your fam!! :)


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