Hair & a valuable lesson :)

Yesterday I learnt a very valuable 'woman lesson.'

Let me give you a backstory first..

Up until I was 19 I never dyed my hair. I'm naturally blonde and was happy with that. Then I turned 19 and it all changed. On a whim I dyed my hair red and since then on and off I've changed colours. A few months ago I went dark brown/auburn and loved it..

Whilst out shopping with a friend yesterday I informed him that I wanted to go back to being blonde. A trip down the hair dye aisle and a box of blonde dye later we were in my kitchen doing the deed :)

The lesson that I learnt?

Do not dye your hair blonde if it is already dyed a dark colour..
I rinsed my hair after the alloted 35 minutes and was all ready to be amazed at my beautiful blonde locks.. What I got instead was blonde roots and the rest was a mixture of orange and the dark colour that it previously was. Let me assure you it was not a good look.
Meanwhile the un-used blonde dye, Nathan decided to put on his head.. Orange doesn't even begin to describe how his came out..
Back we went to the shop. I was not about to stay a mixture of blonde, orange and brown. I decided that I was going to go big or go home..
Nath decided that he couldn't live with Orange either so we settled on Cosmic Blue.. Don't worry it's actually black but when the light hits it in certain ways it shimmers electric blue :)
The finished look?
Much better than orange :)
Oh and I also learnt another lesson. Use vaseline when dying hair otherwise your skin gets dyed too :) You would think that after 8 years of dying my hair I would know this but apparently not. Look at what happened to my neck!

My ears look the same.. Thankfully Anthony and another friend came to the rescue with nail polish remover.. Not the best thing for your skin but it removes hair dye from skin :)

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