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Directions For This Week

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I got this idea from Rachel over at Finding Joy. She's encouraging everyone to write a list of goals for the week. In her own words she said..
"This week is the only August 26-September 1, 2012 that I will ever get to live."

So here are my goals..

Be inspired
Take James to the park
Relax more
Take time to really listen to James

Change the bedding
Do something nice for a friend
Cook healthy meals
Jump in puddles
Soak in the bath
Spend night times knitting
Organise James' wardrobe
Donate old clothes & books to Charity shop
Call a friend to let them know I am thinking of them

Spend some time everyday with the laptop and phone turned off
Snuggle with James before bedtime
Then watch him sleep
Mow the grass
Clean the laundry room
Write more
Mop the floors
Take photos
Take time to be grateful

What are some of your goals for this week?

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