I don't seem to have much luck with Computers or Laptops. I've lost count of the amount of times they've broken on me or the screen has gotten smashed.. Sometimes it's my own fault.. Sometimes it's not.

A couple of months ago my laptop broke and we replaced it with a second hand one from eBay.. Well it's had nothing but problems so as my birthday is this coming Thursday Anthony presented me today with this little beauty...

You should have heard the squeals coming out of my mouth when I opened it..

Now comes the fun part.. Since James was born I've kept all my photos in 'Month' folders so when I need to go back and get a photo I know exactly where to look and also I know how old he was when the photo was taken.. Well, the laptop that has given me nothing but problems decided to mess all my folders up and just shove every single photo into one folder in no particular order.. This wouldn't be a problem..Except when I went to start moving the photos onto my new laptop the number at the top of the screen said.. 13,800 photos..

Yep.. Since James was born I have taken 13,800 photos..

Can you say Mamarazzi??

Now I have the fantastic job of going through each and every photo moving it across and trying to remember what month or even year it was taken..

I've been doing it for 5 hours already and I still have 10,700 photos to go..

James - When you're older and you have all these photos to look back on I hope you appreciate all the hard work Mummy put into keeping them safe for you!

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