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Friday Faves

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friday favorite things | finding joy
Friday Faves..
Little things I am grateful for this week.
Getting to spend each and every day with this one..

Being his Mummy is the best job that I've ever had.
Beautiful weather after days of rain..

Having this camera
so that I am able to capture
all the little moments..
Having friends
that will do stupid things..
just to cheer me up..
Buying new supplies
ready for James to start nursery..
And the fact he is so excited about it..
What were your favorite moments
from this week?


What was meant to be my first Vlog


I was all set for stepping out of my comfort zone and linking up with "Girl Behind The Blog" and posting my very first Vlog...

That is until James decided he would rather do one.. Maybe I'll try mine later after he has gone to bed.. In the meantime, enjoy my little man making his debut appearance..


Hair & a valuable lesson :)

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Yesterday I learnt a very valuable 'woman lesson.'

Let me give you a backstory first..

Up until I was 19 I never dyed my hair. I'm naturally blonde and was happy with that. Then I turned 19 and it all changed. On a whim I dyed my hair red and since then on and off I've changed colours. A few months ago I went dark brown/auburn and loved it..

Whilst out shopping with a friend yesterday I informed him that I wanted to go back to being blonde. A trip down the hair dye aisle and a box of blonde dye later we were in my kitchen doing the deed :)

The lesson that I learnt?

Do not dye your hair blonde if it is already dyed a dark colour..
I rinsed my hair after the alloted 35 minutes and was all ready to be amazed at my beautiful blonde locks.. What I got instead was blonde roots and the rest was a mixture of orange and the dark colour that it previously was. Let me assure you it was not a good look.
Meanwhile the un-used blonde dye, Nathan decided to put on his head.. Orange doesn't even begin to describe how his came out..
Back we went to the shop. I was not about to stay a mixture of blonde, orange and brown. I decided that I was going to go big or go home..
Nath decided that he couldn't live with Orange either so we settled on Cosmic Blue.. Don't worry it's actually black but when the light hits it in certain ways it shimmers electric blue :)
The finished look?
Much better than orange :)
Oh and I also learnt another lesson. Use vaseline when dying hair otherwise your skin gets dyed too :) You would think that after 8 years of dying my hair I would know this but apparently not. Look at what happened to my neck!

My ears look the same.. Thankfully Anthony and another friend came to the rescue with nail polish remover.. Not the best thing for your skin but it removes hair dye from skin :)


If We Could Sit Down Over Coffee


If we could sit down over Coffee we would have to sit inside the house because the sky is threatening to pour down with rain. Like last week we would probably be interupted by a three year old and a seven year old who for some reason cannot seem to get along for more than two minutes.

The Sky yesterday was so beautiful :)

First I'd tell you that I am so glad that you came back this week and that I enjoyed last week so much.

I then explain that today I am having a bad day with regards to my anxiety. Since I've been on my medication I have more good days than bad days but today seems to be a bad day. I have to go food shopping because my cupboards and pretty much bare but I cannot bring myself to leave the house. I've already tried twice this morning and failed both times.

I'd then tell you about the appointment I had for James yesterday with the Health Visitor regarding his sleeping or lack off sleeping. We think that we've figured out what the problem is (I'm going to write a seperate post on this!) It's going to take a lot of work to resolve it but last night went well and for the first time in a very very long time he slept through the night.

I'd tell you how lovely it was to be the first one awake this morning and how I got to wake up slowly and on my own. I was dressed and had my make-up on before anyone else woke.. Pure bliss.

I'd ask you for advice on what to cook for dinner tonight. With empty cupboards I think I'm going to have to dig deep in the freezer and hope that inspiration strikes.

I'd apologise for the fact that during this I've been interupted about fifty times and that if one more child asks me for more chocolate I think I may have a nervous breakdown.

I'd then thank you for coming again and tell you that I'll see you next week!


Sometimes & Always.

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Sometimes I think about trying the whole 'un-plugged' thing for a day.
Always I cannot last more than a few hours before I check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Blogger.
Sometimes I watch the news and feel sad about all the constant tragedies.
Always something will happen which will remind me that there is beauty in the world still.
Sometimes I have every intention to deep clean my house
Always I think it is much for fun to play with James.
Sometimes when I read other ladies blogs I feel inadequate as a Mother, Wife and Woman
Always I turn that feeling around and choose to be inspired by these wonderful ladies..
Fancy linking up with Megan? Head over to her blog!

Miscellany Monday

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miscellany monday at lowercase letters

It's been a low key weekend.. We had no plans and nothing major occured.. Actually nothing minor occurred either. It was a pleasant and welcomed change.

This little guy is fascinated by picnics at the moment. If I let him eat every meal on a blanket in the Living room, then he would.

Yes.. He was dipping pears into his drink.

We've got a massive garden. The top part near the house is sectioned off for the kids to play in.. The rest we are trying to turn into a vegetable patch.. This is what we have to work with..
From the bottom end of the garden, looking towards the house..

From where the kids play area ends, looking towards bottom of the garden.
We've already started planting things.. Well, James has. He loves planting seeds and watching them grow.

He insists on stiring his own milkshake before bed..

Now, I have guests about to turn up and a house that looks like a tornado swept through it.
Have a good week!


Directions For This Week

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I got this idea from Rachel over at Finding Joy. She's encouraging everyone to write a list of goals for the week. In her own words she said..
"This week is the only August 26-September 1, 2012 that I will ever get to live."

So here are my goals..

Be inspired
Take James to the park
Relax more
Take time to really listen to James

Change the bedding
Do something nice for a friend
Cook healthy meals
Jump in puddles
Soak in the bath
Spend night times knitting
Organise James' wardrobe
Donate old clothes & books to Charity shop
Call a friend to let them know I am thinking of them

Spend some time everyday with the laptop and phone turned off
Snuggle with James before bedtime
Then watch him sleep
Mow the grass
Clean the laundry room
Write more
Mop the floors
Take photos
Take time to be grateful

What are some of your goals for this week?


Instagram Sunday


One of my favorite things about having my iPhone back is that I get to use Instagram again. It was the main app that I missed during my month of owning a BlackBerry.. So in honor of the awesome app I give you Instagram Sunday :) My favorite photos that I've posted to Instagram this month..

My user name on Instagram is "ftl_momentsblog" Please feel free to follow and leave me your username in the comments and I'll follow you :)




I'm not feeling too great today, so in leiu of a real post with coherant words, I bring you my top Pinterest finds :)

How cute is this!
I want this wall in my house.. The exact same colour too..
Cute spice jars.. Enough said.
I've always wanted to make a quilt.. I don't know if I am crafty enough though.. Maybe knitting is as crafty as I get?

I will be trying these two hair styles this week.. I will let you know how they turn out :)
And last but not least... Every parent needs this..
Happy Saturday!


Friday Nuggets

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I have so much running through my head at the moment that I don't even know where to start so please forgive what will probably be a really confusing-all-over-the-place post.. It doesn't help that I am running on three hours sleep after an impromtu night out last night. It was my first one since before I fell pregnant with James four years ago. I had forgotten how nice it is to go out, let your hair down and laugh. I am one of those people that love being at home. I enjoy being a housewife and Mummy more than I can put into words and I have no desire to go out drinking every weekend but last night was awesome and it feels like I have re-charged my batteries. Even if my head is fuzzy and I feel like a walking zombie. Whats better is that James was asleep when we left so he has no idea that Mummy & Daddy escaped last night.. I like that.. As far as he knows we were downstairs listening out for him and watching TV.

The past few days I have been anxious for Autumn to arrive. I like Summer and all that it brings. I'm sat here now writing this in my garden whilst James and Blayde run around enjoying themselves. The sun is shining and it really is beautiful but right now I am craving hoodies and boots, home made soup and nights curled up on the sofa knitting. Just the other day I put down my baby blanket that I am in the middle of knitting and started a scarf for myself. I am definitely an Autumn Girl.

After saying that though I cannot believe how fast the weeks are flying past. How can we nearly be in September already? Were we not just celebrating the New Year? It is now less than a month until James starts nursery. I am still trying to process how I feel about that. I know it's only three hours a day that he will be out of the house and away from me but it's his first step away from me. It starts with nursery next month and will continue until he is 18 and leaving for University or moving away for a job. I am trying to soak in all the moments that we have left this Summer.. He is so ready for nursery though and cannot stop talking about going to 'school'. I have no worries about how he will cope with the seperation.. It's me that will have a hard time dealing with it..

A few months ago I found Rachel's blog and since then I have been reading it religiously. She puts into words perfectly how I feel about parenting. It is hard and tiring but rewarding and full of surprises. There is so much about having children that you do not realise until they are here.. You know that you will love them but you don't realise the amount until they are first placed in your arms and you stare down at that little face. You are prepared for sleepless nights with a baby but not for having a three year old that still doesn't sleep through the nights. You know that you may have a picky eater but don't realise until your child is 6 months old that they cannot tolerate any wheat and gluten and just the slghtest bit will make them ill for days and send you off to the hospital.

I can remember James being a few months old and I hadn't slept for days because he was so ill with his acid reflux (that lasted until he was 14 months old.. Another thing I wasn't prepared for!!) I was tired.. I hadn't showered in days, I hadn't eaten in forever and I had been stuck in the house staring at the same 4 walls for what felt like an eternity. I called my Mum and when she answered I just said.. "Thank you.." She asked why I was thanking her and my response was.. "Thank you for raising me, Aimee & Chloe. You done it all on your own with no support and I didn't realise at the time how hard it was for you."... Apparently that made my Mum's day and made up for the all the tantrums, tears and arguments we had endured through raising her own kids.

If you haven't checked out Rachels' blog then please do!

Now I have a list with about 89 things on it to complete.. A sore head to nurse and a child that is demanding my attention.. Apparently the swing set in the garden will only keep him occupied for so long :)

Have a good weekend!

Oh and this was my 100th post!! In celebration I decided to try and make my very first header.. What do you think?


If We Could Sit Down Over Coffee...

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If we could sit down over Coffee..

We'd have to try and find a place to sit around all the kids toys and a 3 year old and 7 year old playing. They'd be cranky from not being able to go out due to the rain. I'd have Coffee with Milk & 2 Sugars and how ever you take yours..

We'd probably be interupted every two minutes but I'd tell you that..

This morning I was really nervous about taking James for his booster jabs. He hates doctors and it's only recently we've been able to take him for check-ups without him screaming the place down. I was worried that all our hard work in persuading him that doctors really are good people would be un-done in about thirty seconds..

I'd then tell you that although there were a few tears it was nothing compared to what I was expecting. He was so brave and I was a very proud Mummy.

I'd tell you that I am so so happy for my Sister and that I am so thankful that she has gotten past the 12 week mark in her pregnancy with no problems. If anyone deserves this baby then she does.

I'd tell you that James has been really testing my patients for the past two days and that this morning I nearly broke down whilst saying to my friend.. "What am I doing wrong?"

I'd tell you that last night when I went into James' bedroom to check on him, I sat and watched him sleep for a few minutes. He looked so peaceful. I then took a photo and put it on Instagram :)

I'd tell you that I really need to set aside time to sit and write. I just have so many other things that need my attention at the moment that my book seems to always fall to the back of the queue. It makes me sad and I know that I need to change that.

I'd tell you that I haven't really seen my husband in two weeks because he is busy helping his Dad. I see him for 15 minutes in the morning and for about an hour at night before he is fast asleep after a hard days work. I'd then tell you that I miss him.

I'd thank you for coming and having coffee with me. I'd tell you that I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy day to talk to me.. I'd then invite you back next week..

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