Water Park

I've lived in my town for a little under fourteen years, and it was only yesterday that I found out that there is a massive water park located a ten minute drive away.. I guess that shows how observant I am!

Our Summer started yesterday. Up until then all we had had was grey skies and rain but for the past two days we've had gorgeous sunny 30 degree weather so today we, along with our friend and their kids we hit up the water park.. I think I may have been more excited than all four kids put together.

It was packed! Apparently the whole of the town knew about this place except me!

James wasn't a fan of the water.. He takes a while to warm up to things like this so instead we took him to feed the ducks..

A nice couple let us take a look around their barge.. Now I want to go on holiday on one!

Anthony hates having his photo taken and thinks it's silly that I have to take my camera everywhere but today he obliged me.. Yay for photos with the hubby :)

And for photos with friends...

I love random days that turn into a real "Wow, I've had a great day!!"

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  1. That's awesome!
    I wish we had a water park that close : )


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