Friday Nuggets.

Over the past few weeks with my laptop being sent off for repairs and the fact that I have been super super busy by blog has taken a back seat and I miss it. I always say that writing is more than a hobby for me.. It is my way of relaxing and processing all of the random crazy thoughts that I have constantly running through my head.. Now that hopefully things are slowing down I plan on re-focusing myself and my priorities.

He is the funniest person I know.. The last few weeks I can really see his imagination developing and it is fascinating to watch. Just last night we went to a pretend hospital because he had a rabbit in his stomach, then we drove his pretend car to a pretend house where the pretend sun when down so we had to go to pretend bed, then in the pretend morning we had to go to the pretend park and then onto the pretend restaurant where we ate pretend food.. It took 15 minutes out of my day but to him it was the best part of his day.


We've had friends staying with us for the past month and it's been fun! Him we knew from when Anthony was in the Army but we only met his girlfriend when they first came a month ago.. We've hit in off and I love it! I've found it hard to make friends since we moved back home from London two years ago so I love it when I connect with someone and it feels like I didn't even have to try. 


Yesterday James walked up to me with my iPhone and said.. "Mummy, I wrote you this." 

Yes, he had written it all by himself.. I went running into the Living Room to show everyone.. It was a very proud Mummy moment :)


I've been experimenting with some cooking recipes lately.. I've never attempted any sauces for Steak Dinners, until last week... 

Steak with a Peppercorn Sauce and Sauteed Potatoes with Slow Roasted Tomatoes.. According to Anthony it was as good as you would expect in a restaurant! It was amazing, even if I do say so myself!

I hope you all have a good weekend!


  1. James is such a cutie and what a sweet message.

    1. Thank you! He has been a nightmare today! Lots of temper tantrums due to him being tired but he does make up for it by being cute lol xx


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