Sunny Baby Blanket

A while back I started knitting a blanket and I promised to share the pattern here once I had finished. It took me a while to complete because, well I was lazy! But today I sat for 4 hours and knitted non stop and I have a beautiful baby blanket to show for it. As promised here is the pattern!

You can use any bright colour that you want. I chose pink but I also plan on doing one in baby blue and also yellow.. I used 3 balls of 100 gram yarn and size 8 US needles.. I guess you could use whatever size needles you want!

To begin, cast on 132 stitches and knit 16 rows in the garter stitch.

Next alternate these next two rows for 12 rows.

Row 1 - Knit

Row 2 - Knit 8 (Pearle 8, Knit 4) Last 8 stitches Knit.

Rows 13-18 Knit..

Repeat Rows 1-18 ten more times..

Then repeat rows 1-12 once more.

Knit 16 rows in garter stitch

Bind off and weave in loose ends and block..

The photo below is before I blocked it.

It was fun to knit this! It was my very first blanket and I love how it turned out! This evening I've started a new blanket with a pattern that I have created myself so if it turns out ok then I'll share it here!

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