Summer.. Where are you?

These past few days England has been battered by winds & torrential rain.. In some parts of the country yesterday, a whole months worth of rain fell in just 24 hours... Luckily we don't live in an area that floods but I have to admit I have had enough of this rain.. I mean, it's June!! Where is the sun? Where are the white fluffy clouds? I watched a weather report last night that said that we're pretty much set for a washout summer.. That does not make me happy.. So I live in anticipation and whilst I'm waiting for the Sun to grace us with its presence I bring you my list of things that I cannot wait to do during this Summer...

1 - Picnics in the garden with James.
2 - Having my first cup of tea of the morning in the garden.
3 - Watching my sunflower grow from a tiny seed.
4 - Home made ice lollies.
5 - Little bare feet in the garden.
6 - Salads for dinner.
7 - Trips to the park.
8 - Having my windows wide open with a breeze blowing through the house.
9 - A tired little man at the end of the day, with dirty feet from the garden and smelling off several layers of Sun cream.
10 - Quiet afternoons reading & knitting
11 - BBQ's
12 - Family weekends
13 - My birthday and our wedding anniversary on the same day!!
14 - Sleeping with Bedroom Windows open...

And just so I can remind myself that occasionally the rain does take a break a few photos off my iPhone from last week..

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  1. Sounds like a fun list you got for the summer, have fun! :)


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