A Night Away From Home..

Tonight James is spending his 2nd night ever away from home.. He doesn't go away from home without us often but it has been arranged for over a month now.. Originally Anthony and I were meant to be going out but those plans fell through so we've decided to just spend the night at home together. James is all excited to be having a 'sleepover' and my Mum is excited that she finally gets to have her Grandson for a whole evening to herself... Me? Part of me is looking forward to some peace and quiet! Another part of me is scared! We were not blessed with a great sleeper and it's not very often that he sleeps through the night. Also he has been suffering with nightmares lately..

I know that he'll be fine and I trust my Mum.. Plus he's five minutes down the road so if he does wake up in the middle of the night and gets too upset my Mum can just put him in the car and bring him home again but I guess that as a Mum there will always be a little part of me that worries when he's not with me.

I guess I had better get used to him being away from home.. He starts nursery in September.. Now that thought makes me want to cry!

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