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Last nights meeting at James' new school started me thinking. I literally sat there the whole time thinking "How can my baby be old enough to be starting Nursery?"

I swear it feels like 10 minutes ago I was holding a pregnancy test with 2 blue lines and screaming at Anthony whilst jumping up and down... I blinked and now I have a three year old that is about to take his very first steps into the big wide world without me.. 

He went from a tiny baby completley dependent on me, to a energetic little boy that is becoming so independent it's scary.

In honour of my nostalga, my denial about James being big enough to leave the house for three hours a day without me and also Friday Favorite Things I give you my 10 favorite things about James..

1 - I love how he loves to learn! He would rather practice his alphabet or learn how to spell some words than play with his toys!

2 - I love how before bed he will climb onto my lap and we have "Mummy Snuggles"

3 - I love how he wants to be just like his Dad

4 - I love that he loves his entire family. The look on his face when I tell him that we're going to see Nanny, Grandad or his Aunties and Uncles you would've have thought I'd told him that we were going to see Santa at Disney Land.

5 - I love his innocence

6 - I love it when he randomly tells me that he loves me.

7 - I love it when he repeats something that he has heard an adult talking about.. He thinks that he's all grown up.

8 - I love how he always has a smile on his face.. Part of being innocent I guess :)

9 - I love it when he wraps his arms around my neck and gives me a cuddle

10 - I love him just for being James! 


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