Fathers Day

Growing up I didn't really celebrate Father's Day. My Sisters and I were raised by just our Mum so Father's Day didn't really come onto my radar until we had James.

Today we celebrated Anthony.

Anyone that knows him knows that he has a love for all things old and a love for Engineering. Our town isn't big enough for a train station but there use to be one many moons ago and although it's now closed down the old station is still there and it's now a Museum, run by some older men that share Anthony's love for Steam Engines. Today they were running an Old Steam Engine Train on the one mile of track that is still there.. And Dad's got to go free! For Anthony this was like putting a child in Hamley's Toy Store and telling them to go wild.

To be honest I'm not sure who was more excited about the train ride.. Anthony or James? We picked James up from my Mum's house and all he talked about was the train we were about to go on.  

Because there isn't a lot of train track left, they made the journey twice. Honestly, I don't think Anthony has had so much fun in ages :)

After that we went and visited their model railway.. James now wants one but I think it will be a few more years before we trust him with one..

We finished off the day with a friend of ours, his three kids and me cooking a Beef Roast dinner.. I managed to whip it all together in about 2 hours.. My personal best!

Please excuse the mess in my kitchen! 7 people, 4 kids and a rushed dinner makes a lot of mess!

Anthony's just told me that he's had a fantastic day and I'm glad.. He might drive me insane most days but James and I are lucky to have him even if he does leave wet towels on the bathroom floor!

Happy Fathers Day!


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