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I am finally back on my feet! This morning I woke up and I can finally walk without being doubled over in pain. I am so glad! There is still a little bit of discomfort, especially when I pick James up but I think *fingers crossed* I am over the worst of it.

This morning in celebration I cleaned my whole house, done 3 loads of laundry and am planning on cooking a Roast Dinner! Anthony done a fantastic job of looking after James and he tried to keep up with the housework but I fully admit that I am a Type A personality and I like the cleaning to be done my way. I don't think I've ever enjoyed cleaning as much as I did today :)


With being out of action for the past 5 days I have seriously neglected my camera and this makes me sad. It is sat on my Dining table looking all lonely so I plan on taking lots of photos this week and getting back into the swing of daily life!


The incision on my arm is healing well but I keep having stabbing pains shooting through it.. I'm presuming it's just because it's healing.. There is a nice yellow bruise there too.


Anthony and James are out today so I think I'm going to change James' bedroom around as a surprise for when he gets back. Did I ever mention that I have an obsession with moving furniture around?? 


May Photo a Day Challenge, Day 7 - Someone That Inspires You

Tia Mowry.. Now I know I could've chose my Mum or my Nan because they are inspirational women but to me that is a bit cliche.. It's an obvious answer! So I picked the celebrity that inspires me the most!

Now, I'm off to cook a Roast Dinner!


  1. I'm visiting from Carissa's. Sorry to hear about your arm and praying that you're "all better" real soon.

  2. Hoping that you are feeling better soon.
    You can come over and clean my house ; ) lol


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