Sometimes & Always

I'm linking up with Megan today for Sometimes & Always


Sometimes James wants to play the weirdest of games
Always I oblige him because who could deny that sweet face

Making a camp fire out of Polystyrene and newspapers..

Sometimes I feel like I am not a good enough Mummy or Wife
Always a smile and hug from James will tell me that I'm doing okay

Sometimes I can't be bothered to do the whole hair & make-up thing
Always I'm glad when I do make the effort

Sometimes I get so excited when I think about having another baby
Always I have to remember that it took 5 years and a lot of heartache to have James and it might be the same again this time. 

Sometimes I wish we had more money, a bigger house, nicer furniture etc
Always I am grateful that we have a home..

A house is built with bricks & beams
but a home is built with love & dreams.


May Photo A Day Challenge -  Day 8 - A smell you adore.

 My Yankee Candle! It's Cinnamon Stick and I love it! Enough said!


  1. I looove Yankee Candle!! I bet that one smells amazing!

  2. all of these are great! i always love these posts because i can usually relate to most of them!

  3. I usually am not bothered to do my makeup either but then I do and feel 100% better about myself.


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