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Firstly, if you like Link up's then head over to Kelly's blog. She's a hosting a link up so that bloggers can find other bloggers that live in their area.. I've added my link even though I don't hold up much hope of finding anyone from my area. It would be cool though!


I've been stuck in bed for two days in complete and utter agony.. I had the implant removed on Tuesday afternoon and apart from a sore arm everything was good. Wednesday was ok, I had a couple of period pains but I expected that. Cut to Thursday morning and I woke up in so much pain.. It was all in my lower stomach, lower back and my right kidney. I spent the morning lying in bed with a hot water bottle whilst withering in pain.. By the afternoon I was begging Anthony to ring the doctors.. At one point I honestly though I was dying. Anthony called my doctors practice and the receptionist put him through to a doctor straight away. He explained all my symptoms because by this point I couldn't even walk and the doctor says that this is quite common after the implant is removed. Basically your body has a rush of hormones which causes your womb to contract, hence the stomach and back pains and because of all the extra hormones my kidneys are working over time trying to flush out all the excess waste. My left kidney is fine. I guess my right one is just struggling. Anyway, the doctor wrote a prescription for some higher dose pain killers which my Mum went and picked up for me.

Seriously, I have never felt pain like this before. I cannot get comfy and when I do find a position that is tollerable as soon as I move slightly the pain gets so bad that it makes me feel sick.. (Not cool for someone with Emetophobia!) It takes me about twenty minutes to make it to the bathroom because walking is excruciating.

Anthony has been a god send.. He is looking after James downstairs for me and supplying me with tea, water and hot water bottles on demand! I dread to think what downstairs looks like! I think when I'm better I'm going to have some serious cleaning to do!

The worst part? The doctors said that this could last up to two weeks and will probably get worse before it gets better.. I have no idea how it can get any worse than this.. Thank god for Netflix on my laptop or I think I would've gone insane by now!

I hope you're all having a better week than me!


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