May Photo A Day!

I'm sat here with a very sore arm and feeling sorry for myself.. My appointment to have my implant taken out was this afternoon and I have one word to describe it.. Painful.. The nurse couldn't get the thing out! I laid on the table for about 25 minutes whilst she cut away at my arm and I now have something that resembles a crater on my left arm. She managed to get it after all that chopping and slicing! The Anesthetic has now worn off and I'm in a lot of pain.. The good news is that we can now offically start trying for baby number two! After my appointment I went to the pharmacy and purchased my Folic Acid, the one I ended up getting you can take whilst you are trying, all through the pregnancy and then whilst you are breastfeeding so I'm well prepared!

In a bid to cheer myself up I was catching up on my blogs and decided to snag this from Rachel of Along the Way with Rae - It's the photo challenge - May Photo a Day..

Back in March when I had my iPhone and the Instagram App I attempted this and failed. I think I got half way through.. Now I have my Blackberry and apparently Blackberries are not cool enough to have the Instagram App so I'm going to do it here instead. I'm excited because it contains my two favourite things.. Blogging and Photography!

So today's photo - Peace..

Another one of my hobbies is Crystal Healing and Reiki.. I know some people think that it's all a load of rubbish and that crystals cannot have healing power but I find that they help me so much.. I love that there are different crystals for different aliments. On Sunday I decided to gather all of them together and sort them out. I wanted to display them in a different way than I had been doing. I also couldn't remember the names of some of them. After a few google searches and with the help of a good friend of mine we managed to figure them all out. It was amazing that after working with them that afternoon I felt so much calmer and at peace than I had done that previous morning.

Whether it's a placebo or not.. They work for me and my anxiety!


  1. I don't really know much about them but I'm open to learning.

    1. I'm still learning myself but it's amazing. My friend who also suffers with Emetophobia introduced me to Crystals and I can honestly say it has helped me loads :) xx


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