May Photo A Day Challenge

Today has been busy.. Actually this whole week has been busy. Most of it has been spent at Anthony's parents house. They are re-doing their Garden so Anthony has been helping out and James & I have been going along for the ride. It gets us out the house and occupies our time :)

We're back there again tomorrow so I need to get my cleaning done tonight once James goes to bed. We've also got dinner guests tonight so I've got a lot to do and not a lot of time.. So here's a quick catch up with the May Photo A Day Challenge..

Day 9 - Something You Do Everyday

I feed this little man... He makes a mess (everytime! No matter what he's eating!) I then clean him.. Rinse and repeat at least three times a day!

Day 10 - My Favorite Word

Hope - I have 'hope' for a lot of things.. Hope that I will be able to overcome my Emetophobia. Hope that I can control and overcome my anxiety. Hope that James will continue to grow and thrive. Hope that he will turn into the kind of young adult that I want him to be. Hope that we will be able to have a healthy second pregnancy. Yep, I live in Hope!

Ok. I have a messy guy that needs a bath and then bedtime!

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  1. Glad to know you feed the little man, that's important ; ) lol


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