Happy Weekend!

I've been out of the house and on the go since 8am this morning, we literally walked back in about 30 minutes ago and I am, for lack of a better word.. Exhausted. I'm about to cook dinner but I wanted to stop by here first. This week has been so busy that my blog has had to take a back seat and I miss it. I haven't had time to read any blogs let alone update my own. It makes me sad! Writing is my way of relaxing. It's my way of sorting all my random thoughts out that constantly run through my head. It's my way of recording memories so that I never forget them. Hopefully next week will be quieter.. Fingers crossed!

I was planning of having a quiet day at home today, cleaning and sorting some bits out but that never happened.. I had some things I needed to pick up in town so I decided to kill two birds with one stone and went and visited some friends and family whilst I was at that end of town. Tomorrow we have a breakfast date with Anthony's side of the family. We regulary all get together on a Saturday or Sunday for breakfast and I have a little man that looks forward to it more than Christmas! 

The past few nights James has been suffering with some bad dreams. He is so good at going to bed, he never makes a fuss and goes straight to sleep. Since these bad dreams began there have been lots of tears and half way through the night he ends up in our bed.. How can I complain when  I wake up to this though?

Taken with Blackberry! Excuse the quality.

I wasn't too impressed this morning when I woke up with his foot in my face but if being in our bed helps him feel safer and it means that we can all get some sleep then I'll put up with it! It's not like he's going to be 17 years old and still sleeping with Mummy & Daddy.. Well, I hope not!

Now for my May Photo A Day Challenge

Day 11 - Kitchen

Day 12 - Something that makes you happy!

Sunflowers! Enough said! 


  1. Poor James...hope his nightmares go away.

  2. That sunflower is beautiful! I hope that his nightmares go away soon!! That's so sad. Happy Mother's Day!


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