Apologies for my lack of posts and lack of comments. I am still bed ridden :( It turns out that the doctor Anthony spoke to on Thursday was incorrect when he said that my Kidney pain was related to me having the implant taken out. Yesterday I reached my pain threshold. I couldn't take it anymore so I called the emergency doctors and they asked me to come in and get checked out. It turns out I have a viral kidney infection. No wonder I've been in so much pain! Apparently I need lots of rest and lots of water. Through all of this I have figured out that the pain isn't as bad when I'm laying on the sofa in the living room so that's where I've been since yesterday morning. I guess our matress on our bed isn't comfortable when you have a kidney infection!

I've missed a few days of the May Photo a Day challenge so I'm here now to catch up..

Day Four - Fun!

I know, the photo is blury but I still love it! This little guy is so much fun and I swear he gets funnier everyday!

Day Five - Bird

Magpie - I've been seeing these birds everywhere lately! I wish I could remember the rhyme about Magpies.

Day Six - You

Yep, it's an old photo but who doesn't like sharing their wedding photos! I remember this day like it was yesterday!


James and Anthony have gone to his Dad's house for the day so I'm going to rest up and drink water like it's going out of fashion. I need to get back on my feet. I need to clean my house and cook dinners for my family. To be honest it would just be nice to be able to stand up long enough to take a shower!

Hope you're all having a good weekend!

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  1. I hope you feel better!! And you look amazing in your wedding dress! I love sharing old pictures!


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