For the last two days we have left the house super early and not walked back in the door until just before James' bedtime. But after ten days of being cooped in the house due to illnesses, it is nice to get out!

My Mum got the keys this week to her new house, so today I went to visit and lend a hand with the decorating. The house is awesome and from the outside it looks just like any normal terrace house but inside it's so big! I wish I had taken my camera, next time I will!

Yesterday we had to go to Anthony's Dad's house to wait for a delivery of 1000 paving blocks and then Anthony had to move them into the back garden from the street {rather him than me!} James was determined to help his Daddy..

I love watching them work together. James loves it and wants to be just like his Dad. Cuteness at it's best.

I had to take James out for a bit though because boredom was setting in and three year olds and boredom do not mix! We ended up next to the Church where Anthony & I got married nearly 4 years ago and my Sister got married in last year :)

James was estatic to finally be out of the house!


Say hello to my new little friend..

Summer, the Guinea Pig! I needed a girl in the house to even out the playing field!


We were meant to be going to our neices birthday party tomorrow afternoon but her little brother isn't very well so it's been re-scheduled so I think it will be another day of helping my Mum decorate. It's a good job that I love painting!

James is so excited for Easter Sunday. We have the same ritual every year. In the morning he gets into bed with us and then I have to go and have a meeting with the Easter Bunny {i.e. I go and hide the eggs downstairs and weather permitting outside} then once my 'meeting' is over, James gets to come downstairs. I love that he is so innocent that he actually believes that I am downstairs talking to an over sized, talking rabbit. I wish he never had to loose that innocence.

And now after two days of non-stop activity I am exhausted and my arms ache from all that painting roller action so I am looking forward to an evening in bed with Netflix on the laptop!

I hope you all have an amazing Easter Weekend! 


  1. Hey summer :) Cute lil thing!
    I love your little boy helping daddy that is just so precious x x

  2. That church is gorgeous!! Great pictures! And so awesome that you added a guinea pig to the family!


  3. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

    Have you got an account in instagram?
    If yes, write me your name!

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by! My instagram name is liane_b .. Let me know what your name is and I'll follow you xx

  4. It's so cute to watch little boys help out and look up to their dads...adorable


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