Not so Sunday Review.

I was going to post my Sunday Review this morning but then I realised that because of James being ill all week, we haven't actually done anything.. To top it all off, last night both Anthony & I came down with James' stomach bug. It hasn't been a pretty night in our household.

We got up this morning and both realised very quickly that neither of us was in any fit state to take care of James today so I phoned my Mum and she is looking after him today and then my Sister is collecting him from her this afternoon and she is going to keep him overnight. I miss him like mad and this is only the second time he is spending the night away from home, but, I know it's what's best for him. I am in no fit state to be a good Mummy today..

And to give this post a little bit of positivity. Here are some photos from yesterday. Some of the seeds James & Anthony planted last week have started to sprout.. The brocolli and cabbage ones.. James was so excited when he noticed them!

Our Brocolli :)

The mint that I planted last year survived the winter and is doing well!

I would really like to know what happened to all our sunny weather!

I hope you're all having a great weekend! Hopefully next week will be better for us!


  1. Oh how awesome that I have found a fellow UK blogger! YAY
    We're down in Devon and we are definatly missing the sunny weather we had last week, I went out and brouth new summer clothes to now revert back to jumpers :(


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