Miscellany Monday.

It's that time of the week again! I'm linking up with Lowercase Letters for Miscellany Monday.

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Yesterday my Sister cycled 51 miles to raise money for Niamh's Next Step. This beautiful little girl has a rare form of Childhood cancer and the life saving treatment that she needs is not avaliable here in England so her family are trying to raise £450,000 to travel to America. I read her blog today and I feel so sad now. It's not fair that this gorgeous little girl has to go through this at such a young age.
I'm so proud of my Sister for raising the money. I'm now sat here trying to think of other ways we can raise money. Any ideas then feel free to throw them my way!


I was all set today to clean my house until it sparkled.. I actually finished the kitchen and was about to move on to the front room when Anthony decided to take the piano apart that he is restoring and sand it.. Now my kitchen is covered in sawdust and it's being trapsed all through the house. I swear I will have a clean house at some point this week. To be honest it's nice just having a day at home. I love that now the weather is a bit brighter we are out and about more but I desperately needed some time at home with no pressures to go anyway or see anyone.


I am slowly getting used to my Blackberry. I still can't get the Blackberry Messenger to work so I need to contact Orange and figure out whats going on with it but apart from that it's all good. I like the fact that I can't do as much on it as my iPhone. It means that I don't constantly have the phone in my hand whilst James is asking for something and I'm saying 'Just one minute baby'


Yesterday was our neices birthday party. They made Jacket Potatoes and a big pot of Chilli.. The kids all had a wicked time and it was nice to have all the family together in one place..

Please excuse the quality of the photos.. They're from my phone :)

The kids!

The Boys!

We did take a photo of all the ladies too but not on my phone so I'm waiting for them to be uploaded to facebook so I can re-share!


Ranhdomly this morning I had a sudden urge to bake.. A quick receipe check and 30 minutes later I had these babies.. 

Bannana & Raisin Cookies.. Yes they are yummy!

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