Miscellany Monday.

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Firstly, I would really like to know what happened to the sun. For the last few days all we have had is Grey skies and rain. Plus, it's cold.. I am ready to say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring.


A couple of weeks ago I won a blog giveaway from the lovely Stacy , I was so excited for it to arrive but I figured with it coming all the way from over the big pond it would take a while.. I was wrong! It arrived within a week and turned up as I was recovering from being ill, so it was a nice little surprise!

I also received a copy of the premier issue of Vintage Style magazing which I have spent hours pouring over! And a lovely little book about being a Gracious Hostess. Thank you Stacy!

I have a go-to book that I pick up when I'm feeling down or need some motivation. It is guarenteed to pick me up and put a smile on my face..

I heard about it from another one of my favourite bloggers, Kelle Hampton . I recently discovered the website that goes along with this book and it is another thing that I have spent hours looking at.


I signed up from Pinterest a few months ago but never really took much notice of it.. Until this weekend.. I am now addicted.


  1. that book sounds great... sometimes i just need a few positive words to get myself out of a negativity slump!

    i have yet to sign up for pinterest b/c i'm afraid i'll get addicted! :)

    1. I think every woman should have a copy of this book!

      You'll definitely get addicted to Pinterest! I was only make to take a quick look and then 4 hours later I was still on there.. Oops! x

  2. Oh pinterest, such a slippery slope.

  3. once you start you just can't stop!! ;)

  4. That book looks perfect.
    Trying to think that way on a daily basis.



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